Robert Spiteri
Name:  Robert Spiteri

Position:  Full-Time Head Trainer

Why Service Dogs Malta Foundation?
Years of working with dogs and continuous studies to improve my understanding of dog behaviour, nutrition
and training techniques led me to wanting to make this my career. Nothing comes easy but with a little
motivation and the thought that this is not just a job but a mission to help others gave me fuel to carry
on. This is just the beginning. There is still much to learn and do and many people to support.

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 Michelle Borg
Name:  Michelle Borg

Position:  Part-Time Trainer

Why Service Dogs Malta Foundation?
Being a full‐time pet groomer I couldn't but have a love for dogs. My passion has always been to teach
tricks to my own dogs and for this reason I am forever researching and studying new techniques to excel
in this hobby. What started as a hobby grew as a passion that I wanted to share. The Service Dogs Malta
Foundation gave me the opportunity to work with dogs, practice my skills and continue to learn for an
honourable cause, that is, to help those in need.
Lindsey Napier
Name:  Lindsey Napier

Position:  Part-Time Trainer

Why Service Dogs Malta Foundation?
Working with dogs has always been a dream and a passion of mine. When I learnt that dogs can directly help
people and save lives, I launched myself into this exciting new adventure. I started training dogs for
search and rescue 3 years ago. I love training dogs and teaching them new tricks. I believe that dog
training helps you bond with your dog. It gives you a better understanding of how they think and react
in different circumstances. It is truly incredible what service dogs can do, they are able to help people
live a more independent life. That is why I volunteer as a dog trainer with Service Dogs Malta
Foundation. It is truly satisfying to work with dogs, knowing that one day they will be someone's life
companion and potential life saver.
Name:  Stephanie Theuma

Position:  Puppy Raiser Coordinator

Why Service Dogs Malta Foundation?
Having had extensive experience with dogs and puppy raising I find it satisfying to use my skills and
share what I have learnt throughout this time with new puppy raisers in order to help make their
experience a more positive one and also give  the dog a better chance to excel in the training and get
to help someone in need.
Name:  Sarah Vella

Position:  Pet Therapy Coordinator/ Matching Consultant

Why Service Dogs Malta Foundation?
I have always loved dogs and appreciated their company and loyalty. I have three dogs of my own and when
I saw what a difference having a dog at home makes, I found myself reading about and researching the
various benefits arising from having dogs interacting with humans and vice versa. I even conducted my own
research based on canine therapy for my Masters’ degree in psychology. My dream is to see animal therapy
become more popular in Malta and this is why I chose to work hand in hand with the Service Dogs Malta
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